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Having problems with your landlord? We may be able to help.

Did You Know? During a dispute with your landlord, your state or local consumer agency can help direct you to other places you may need to contact, depending on the situation, such as your local board of health.

Before you sign your lease, carefully review all its terms and question anything you don’t understand. If you were told something but it’s not
in the lease, it may be hard to prove later, so get it in writing first!

FACING EVICTION? You  are entitled to a court hearing before you move out! Learn more from the A-G, Maura Healey, in this advisory!

Learn about what your options are in this special renters’ blog.

Know your Rents Flyer

A Flyer has been created to spread awareness of the tenants rights regarding eviction, the Know your Rents Flyer. This may be very helpful for you and consumers you come across. Visit the link below to the flyer on

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Consumer Assistance Council

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Phone: 508-771-0700

Monday - Friday: 9am-3pm

The Consumer Assistance Council works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General. We are a non-profit organization.